Stretching Exercises

Seniors who reside at Hearthstone enjoy numerous amenities and scheduled activities, including exercise classes. These community members can literally walk from their home and join their peers in working up a sweat, socializing, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s just one of the many reasons why Hearthstone is a great choice for senior living.

Outside of exercise classes, community members may want to do some stretching exercises on their own. These exercises have proven to be good for your health and they’re quite easy to do from the comfort of home. Don’t take stretching for granted: by incorporating some exercises into your daily routine, you can improve your body’s range of motion, relieve stress, and hopefully improve how you’re feeling.

Try the chin drop to stretch your neck and shoulders. Bring your arms in front of you with your elbows touching and your palms facing you. Now, put your palms on the top of your head and then use the weight of your arms to drop your chin until you feel a nice stretch.

The upper body stretch only requires a wall for equipment. Stand slightly farther than arm’s length from the wall with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lean your body forward with your palms flat against the wall at shoulder height and shoulder-width apart. While maintaining a straight back, slowly walk your hands up the wall until your arms rise above your head. Now hold for 15 to 30 seconds before reversing and walking your hand down slowly. Do this three to five times.

There are many other stretching exercises that you can add into your physical wellness routine. You can learn more from exercise websites online, at the gym, and by asking our instructors during exercises classes.