Hearthstone Communities Awarded Grant

Hearthstone Communities was recently awarded a $14,000 grant by the Community Foundation for McHenry County. The grant was created in collaboration with the United Way of Greater McHenry County and allows Hearthstone to continue to protect seniors, the most vulnerable population, as the COVID-19 threat remains in the region.

Jeremy Rutter, Hearthstone Executive Director, shared that the grant allows Hearthstone to obtain resources necessary to continue to operate at the highest capacity. “The most urgent need for our communities is acquiring personal protective equipment (PPE), including supplies such as masks, eye shields, gowns, foot and head covers, and gloves that are made to be used once with each patient. The shortage of this equipment has caused sharp increases in prices, the volume and cost of which was never anticipated.”

He also indicated the grant will help aid in funding the hiring of additional registered nurses, licensed practical nurses,and certified nursing assistants to provide direct care to residents, as well as assist with the payment of overtime wages for current employees to appropriately staff Hearthstone Manor and Hearthstone Village.

The Community Foundation for McHenry County is the county’s leading nonprofit organization, providing legacy giving to the community’s donors and nonprofit organizations. Presently a $35 million organization, they continue to serve the purposes that inspired the organization’s birth through their mission, vision, and core values. They have distributed more than $2.2 million in fiscal year 2018 to nonprofit organizations across the county. Over the past five years,more than $7.4 million has been distributed by The Community Foundation for McHenry County across more than 100 nonprofit agencies.