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Infants / Toddlers

Hearthstone ELC offers a carefully designed environment for our youngest children, starting at six weeks of age. Specially trained teachers nurture and guide our little ones through these formative years. Continuity of care and secure, loving relationships prepare children for their emerging independence.

Our program is carefully constructed according to child development standards and individual needs. Developmentally appropriate activities are child-centered and directed towards the natural interests and inclinations of children. Activities are also need-centered, directed towards physical, emotional, cognitive and social growth and development.


Our preschool programs are play-based and experiential. Physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth is stimulated through hands-on real life experiences. Developmentally appropriate practice is the foundation of the curriculum and daily schedule planning. Phonological awareness, science and math activities are important aspects of the program and are integrated throughout the day.

Our teachers strive to ensure children feel safe and secure. They give them responsibilities, model empathy and respect for others, and encourage them to explore and discover the world around them.

School Age

Developmentally appropriate programs and support for families are offered during the school year and summer. Before and after school programs operate on days when school is in session and full childcare coverage is offered during District #200 Holiday breaks.

Our school age children need an environment that’s relaxing, fun, safe and motivational. Hearthstone Early Learning Center encourages academic achievement and provides a quiet time for homework. Group time, snack, outdoor play, free play and “jobs” are scheduled daily. Field trips round out the program.

Spiritual Program

We believe it’s never too early to teach children about God and His purpose in their lives. Our curriculum reflects Christian values of cooperation, equality, and nonviolence. Bible stories, songs, and prayer are part of our daily routine.

Intergenerational Activities

One of the benefits of serving seniors and children on one campus are the bonds that children form with the “Grandmas and Grandpas” of Hearthstone through regular visits. Our intergenerational activities keep seniors young at heart and include show and tell, arts & crafts, singing, drama, exercising, cooking, special treats and more.

Working with seniors on these activities gives children a better understanding and an avenue for them to become comfortable with others in different circumstances, such as those in a wheelchair, a walker or other age-related conditions. This first-hand experience opens the door to classroom activities and discussions that address differences, diversity, culture and inclusion.


Hearthstone ELC provides transportation to and from most District #200 schools for school age children.

Outdoor Play Areas

Each classroom has access to age-appropriate outdoor play areas. Our large play structure was partly constructed via a “community build” event with staff and volunteers.

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