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Heartfelt stories from adored residents and dedicated staff

Read and feel the warmth of those who call Hearthstone their home

Dick Hattan, Development and Marketing

While his duties at Hearthstone include a full plate of fund raising, marketing and public relations activities, Dick Hattan presides and preaches once a month at the Ecumenical Worship Service at Hearthstone Village. He volunteers his time on the second Sunday of the month because he enjoys preaching to an attentive group of seniors and sharpening his skills as a minister. Dick was ordained a priest one year ago and engages in a variety of ministries including bringing God’s Word to the residents of Hearthstone Village. The residents enjoy his energetic style of preaching and his ability to get to the point and drive it home.

Jenny Anderson – Teacher, Hearthstone Early Learning Center

Jenny Anderson is a great educator, and a wonderful person. Jenny is currently our infant room lead teacher and has been with the ELC for almost two years. Jenny is a passionate and loving caregiver. She always shows up in her classroom with a big smile on her face. Jenny is a perfect example of a team player and someone who always goes the extra mile. Jenny has worked in most of our classrooms, and will do anything that is asked of her. Jenny also takes great initiative. If she sees something that needs to be done, she does it. We are so happy to have Jenny Anderson as a teacher at hearthstone Early Center. If we ask her to walk five miles, she will go six.

Adela Jimenez– Housekeeper

Adela goes out of her way to say hello to residents in the morning on their way to or in breakfast, steps up and takes the extra time to do any extra work that is handed to housekeeping throughout the day. Also she makes extra food at home and brings in to share with staff members.

Lynne Garcia - Receptionist

Lynne is the welcoming presence at Hearthstone Village. Always smiling, always upbeat, Lynne is a gracious first impression of Hearthstone. She is helpful and friendly to guests and residents alike. She goes beyond the expected in helping other staff members with projects and everyday tasks.

Ann Bierman – Food Services Supervisor

Ann loves what she does and it’s evident in her attitude. Her greeting is Happy Tuesday, or Happy Friday, whatever day it happens to be. She helps Executive Chef, Dimitri Solis, prepare and serve his gourmet meals that are purchased at the Hearthstone Dinner/Auction each year which are always celebrated on evenings and weekends in addition to her normal supervisory duties.

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