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There is always something interesting happening at Hearthstone Communities.

There is always something interesting happening at Hearthstone Communities.

FREE Exercise Classes
Your health is important to us! Hearthstone Communities offers free exercise classes each weekday plus use of our fitness room. Classes are open to anyone age 55+ at no charge.

Call Allison at 815-321-4047 for details.

Did You Know?
Hearthstone has space for use by community groups for seminars, meetings, card, clubs and more.  Call Allison at 815-321-4047.






Consider a donation to the Early Learning Center… you can make a difference!


Dear Friends:

Since I began working as a pre-school teacher at Hearthstone Early Learning Center five years ago, I have been blessed with many joyful experiences with the children and seniors we serve. Undoubtedly, my favorite memoires are the times my co-teacher, Ms. Berta, and I walked with our two and three year olds across campus for a dance class with the residents of Hearthstone Village. At first, many of our children were reserved and it was difficult for them to open up to people they had not met. However, that all changed one Wednesday morning when two of our rather shy children, Noah and Emma, walked into the Activity Room and met John. To my great surprise, they held his hands and began to dance with him. From that time on the children and grandmas and grandpas (as the children call the residents) would dance their hearts our together.

Noah, Emma and Grandpa John formed a special bond. As soon as we arrived for dance, they would go right up to him and give him a big hug or a high five and then would stay by his side until it was time to leave. This warmed my heart and brought a huge smile to my face, but my happiness was nothing compared to the delight I saw on the faces of those two children and their new friend Grandpa John.

This memory is very special to me because if reminds me of my relationship with my own grandfather. Some of the children at the Early Learning Center have grandparents while others have never known the beauty of the relationship between grandparent and grandchild. It is one of God’s many blessings that we can provide the opportunity for children to dance, work with crafts or hear stories from the grandparents they meet at Hearthstone village.

I have witnessed first-hand the joy and love that the residents of Hearthstone show the children at the Early Learning Center. I makes my job as a pre-school teacher the most rewarding and beneficial experience I could ever imagine.

As you may be aware, the State of Illinois cut the funding of early childhood education to centers like Hearthstone Early Learning Center, forcing many families who received state funding to remove their children from this wonderful educational opportunity. Many parents rely on the Early Learning Center so they can pursue their career aspirations and provide for the needs of their families.

Improving the pre-kindergarten education of children is one step that can be taken to improve a community economically and socially. It has been shown that children should begin to receive education before kindergarten since children experience substantial brain development during these early years.

Please consider making a generous gift to the important work we do at the Hearthstone Early Learning Center.


Erin Menge
Pre-School Teacher