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Wellness for mind, body, and spirit

At Hearthstone, we understand that when residents are active and healthy, our community will feel positive and energized. One way we work to achieve a positive and healthy environment is to weave exercise and activity into the fabric of day-to-day life for our residents as well as into the mindset of the directors and staff.

Enriching activities designed for you


Activities at Hearthstone are centered simplicity and focused on what is most essential for living well and feeling at home in the world. Whether it means curling up next to our stone fireplace with your favorite book, enjoying a walk around the neighborhood with your dog by your side, or sharing a delicious meal in the company of good friends. Hearthstone’s convenient location in the heart of Woodstock, makes it easy to get out and enjoy dining, shopping, and enjoying life at The Square.


Hearthstone residents bring a wealth of experience and talent to our community, and we are always excited to learn more about what residents are interested in doing and what talents they may want to share with us!


Many opportunities for Bible study, worship, meditation, and praying with friends are available for spiritual growth and wellness.


Our activities team and care staff strive to offer opportunities for residents to enjoy creative and stimulating activities throughout their day. We offer a wide range of activities designed for variety of interest and abilities.  

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